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If you warn them and they refuse to repent and keep on sinning, they will die in their sins. But you will have saved yourself because you obeyed me” Ezekial 3:19

What is Fred up to?

I recently produced a YouTube video called “Who Happened to Fred”. I sent the link to a few people the other day and if you were not one of them you will find the link below. Hopefully there is nothing pretentious or professional or slick about that video because that was my intention. Besides I'm not sure I know how to do something slick or professional.

I intend to produce several shorter videos addressing significant issues in our culture, from the perspective of what God's Word has to say about them. The 'Who Happened to Fred' video is simply an introduction to people who want to know more about the guy producing what may prove to be convicting videos. If I achieved boring and non-threatening and unimpressive in this first video, I have achieved my goal.

Charles Bowen was an itinerant horseback evangelist in Alberta and British Columbia before the First World War. He was also a highly skilled farrier, capable of shoeing all types of equine feet and of making shoes to suit all types of work and working conditions. He volunteered to serve with the Canadian army on two conditions. He wanted to be involved in caring for horses. His second condition was that he wanted permission to preach to the troops when he was off duty, and they were as well. He wanted support for that initiative at a time when new recruits did not have a great life expectancy in Europe. He excelled as a farrier and as an evangelist. So much so that he was invited to serve during the Second World War.

My grandfather Crawford was an officer in the Canadian cavalry during the First World War and led squads of 100 at a time into decimating machine gun fire many times. Somehow, he survived and lived to be 98 years old. He walked 5 miles to work every day for decades and walked home too, rain or shine. I wonder whether he ever met Charles Bowen.

Bowen observed that during the First World War at least 90% of the soldiers who showed up for his evangelistic meetings had some familiarity with the Bible. Of those attending his meetings during the Second World War, only about half demonstrated a similar biblical acquaintance. Bowen preached in Canada into his 80s after the war. He estimated that if there was ever a third World War that fewer than 10% of conscripts would have Bible knowledge.

I believe Bowen's prediction is accurate. Not more than 10% of young men and women in North America have any real measure of Bible knowledge. Those without Bible knowledge will pick up strange ideas of what biblical Christianity should look like today. The Bible says that God does not change. Biblical Christianity today should look just like Christianity in the book of Acts.

My Bible warns people to repent of sin, and turn away from sin to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord. Scripture seems very clear to me about what God will do for those who accept his Son as Lord, and what will happen to those people who do not. I have been a Christian for more than 40 years and enjoyed Bible-based preaching and teaching. There are quite a few pastors in my extended family.

I have been retired for a few years. I've learned to grow tomatoes reasonably well. I hope to add to that skill the ability to respectfully warn young men that it would be good to get right with God, in accordance with the Bible. My impression is that very few young men in North America have an accurate knowledge of God's word, his promises, and his warnings. Few, if any, regularly attend church, and even when some do, they may not hear a call to repentance.

During my business career, I developed some skills in videography and video editing. I have posted about 200 videos to my Fred Glover Channel on YouTube, in addition to videos I produced and posted for my former employer. Recently I have posted several dozen Bible themed videos, mostly as Shorts.

William Gurnall, who inspired Charles Spurgeon and David Wilkerson and many others, has been helpful to me for my last two or three dozen YouTube shorts. Recently I wrote scripts for 15 new shorts, video recorded them and began editing. I've posted all of them here. I'm enjoying myself and this feels quite worthwhile.

From time to time during my highway driving I see a billboard offering a brief Scripture, and I've always appreciated those signs. At highway speeds it's difficult to get more than a few words, and besides, I am a Christian and confident of my hope. In my business experience, billboards could be quite expensive to produce and there was usually rent due to the landowner.

I am thrilled to be able to put up to 60 seconds of Bible based video on YouTube, and to do so at very little cost. I struggle with two handicaps. The first is that I am a homely, but reasonably healthy, 76 year old. The second is that I don't really know a great deal about social media, but I am learning. I watched quite a few YouTube videos on how to grow tomatoes three years ago and I'm doing something similar to learn how to post my videos on Facebook, Instagram and perhaps other sites.

You will remember that Satan asked Eve whether God had 'really' said that she must stay away from a certain tree. Things went downhill from there, as you know. I believe a significant part of our culture today would have a similar question about the content on my short videos. I hope they would ask a pastor if they know one. My videos are intended for unsaved people, and men in particular.

If you have any time for me, would you please watch my shorts in particular, looking for errors in my interpretation of God's Word. I'm also looking for suggestions for topics. I have quite a list I'm working on, but I am always looking for good ideas. In 2011, at age 65, I was leading a men's group at our church. I let the guys know that I was planning to prepare a video testimony that I would share with my dozens of nephews and nieces and whoever else I could think of. I offered to do something similar for any of them if they would like. I only had one taker. However, I did upload my 2011 testimony in early 2012, and it is a one hour comprehensive life story.

More recently, in 2023, I have produced a video called “Who Happened to Fred” which is an update to that earlier testimony. It is less than 30 minutes and intended for the person who wants to know something about the old guy yammering away on my short videos. I have introduced a message for those I call 'Christians in Name Only', of which I've met quite a few over the years.

About 20 years ago I led the Alpha Course five times in two churches and was thrilled at what can happen when we do Alpha the way Alpha suggested. I have seven children and seven grandchildren. My younger brother Frank, who was my business partner, has eighteen children and 40 grandchildren and a few great grandchildren. In our extended family there have been about two dozen adoptions. My “Life is Precious” short video touches on abortion, and I intend to do much more on that subject.

My wife homeschooled our children for 25 years with zero support or involvement from school boards. Those of our kids that wanted to, were readily accepted into post-secondary institutions of their choice, based on their scores on aptitude tests, etc. They have all graduated since with high marks, and are employed in their professions of choice. The Baltimore School Board has produced terrible scholastic results and are receiving some $22,000 per student per year. I plan to weigh in what I consider to be a very significant opportunity for conservatives who are disgusted with the public system and their unions. As I disclose in my testimony, my brothers and I were taught grades two through five in a one room rural schoolhouse with all eight grades and one very young teacher. She chose to have us learn and memorize the Lord's Prayer, the 23rd Psalm, the Beatitudes and many other worthy passages. She was greatly respected and appreciated by students and parents alike.

I understand there are several hundred documented abortion survivors. Recently, 210 Democrat members of Congress, out of 212 total, voted to let the baby die if somehow he or she survives an abortion. God saw each one vote, and I cannot understand such a complete lack of compassion, or fear of the Lord. How many of them would really leave an infant to die we can't really know, but in front of God and everyone, with their nonsensical rationalizations, they did vote against what the bill proposed. Even though the slim majority Republicans passed the bill it will have to get through more demonic elected Democrats to survive. These are not godly people and they need to be pushed out somehow, unless they come to their senses. At the top of my list is to do what I can to reduce the number of men arriving unexpectedly at hell.

Viewers can make comments to me and I will answer any that aren't too disrespectful. I have not added 'subscribe' buttons to my videos yet but I might soon. My wife and I are on fixed retirement income and I haven't spent any money on promoting my videos, but I have some ideas that I will pursue. Writing this letter to a few people is one of those ideas. I will very much appreciate any time you can take and any thoughts you have. Thank you in advance for any assistance you may render. I've always wanted to say that. But I do mean it.

My shorter and more dynamic videos will address quite a few issues. In no particular order, these include fear of death, home schooling, sex outside marriage, killing babies, lying, robbing God, immaturity, unbelief, water baptism and who can forgive sins, to name a few. My goal is not to scold or judge anyone. But the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and everyone must die and face God sometime.

I am receiving assistance and guidance from three (older) good strong Christian men and I am always looking for more good counsel. I will certainly need wisdom and prayer. Meanwhile I plan to keep you informed and updated with this venture which feels very much like a calling. I will welcome any suggestions.

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