2023 Videos 1

Follow the individual video links below. Transcripts are in PDF format.
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Is Your Boat Sinking? 46s | Transcript
Taste and See 38s | Transcript
Bad News 48s | Transcript
Die to Selfishness 29s | Transcript
Do Not Tempt People 36s | Transcript
Don't Fear Killers 44s | Transcript
Good News 55s | Transcript
Many Will Turn Away 34s | Transcript
Don't Be Afraid 55s | Transcript
Rich People 46s | Transcript
False Converts 44s | Transcript
True Spiritual Worship 42s | Transcript
A Big Difference 34s | Transcript
Give Yourself Away 35s | Transcript
Bible Teachers 34s | Transcript
The Blind Man 33s | Transcript
True Treasure 33s | Transcript
He Gave It To You 30s | Transcript
A Perishing World 27s | Transcript
The Promise 26s | Transcript
Impatient Christians 1m06s | Transcript

  Sit With God 22s | Transcript
This Is It! 33s | Transcript
John Ch. 3 49s | Transcript
Practical Christianity 49s | Transcript
Pursuing God 48s | Transcript
What God Will Do 46s | Transcript
Seek Him Only 47s | Transcript
Great Saints 46s | Transcript
Where Is God? 44s | Transcript
Church Decline 42s | Transcript
Make Your Choice 43s | Transcript
Self Sins 54s | Transcript
The Warning 41s | Transcript
Jesus Prayed 35s | Transcript
Good Advice 42s | Transcript
Calming the Storm 40s | Transcript
Raising the Dead 49s | Transcript
Get Up My Child 37s | Transcript
Fear Not 35s | Transcript
People in Trouble 57s | Transcript

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