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Follow the individual video links below. Transcripts are in PDF format.
You can also visit my YouTube channel for the full list of all the videos I've made.

The Story of Jonah 6m18s | Transcript
Be Thankful for Hope 53s | Transcript
How to Feed Your Soul 47s | Transcript
How to Live Like Moses 56s | Transcript
Living Up to Your Hopes 50s | Transcript
How to Live With Joy 46s | Transcript
How to Not Fear Death 57s | Transcript
How to Strengthen Hope 50s | Transcript
Taking Responsibility 53s | Transcript
Who to Hang Out With 46s | Transcript
Surviving the Apocalypse 55s | Transcript
How to Enjoy Salvation 57s | Transcript
How to Be Ready 45s | Transcript
How to Be Blessed 46s | Transcript
Have Abraham's Faith 56s | Transcript
How Farmers Don't Quit 54s | Transcript
Pray for What You Need 42s | Transcript
How to Strengthen Hope 49s | Transcript
Guard Your Hope 42s | Transcript
Guard Your Conscience 39s | Transcript
God: Almighty & Faithful 44s | Transcript
Christian, You Are Worthy 41s | Transcript
Are You Done With Sin? 39s | Transcript
Store Up Your Patience 41s | Transcript
Search Your Heart 48s | Transcript
  Faith and Hope 37s | Transcript
How to Strengthen Hope 49s | Transcript
The Covenant of Grace 46s | Transcript
Study God's Promises 40s | Transcript
Impenitent Unbelief 54s | Transcript
Try to Avoid Hell 49s | Transcript
Please Do Not Rob God 46s | Transcript
How to Live Forever 44s | Transcript
The Way to Be Saved 46s | Transcript
Believe the Bible 26s | Transcript
Life is Precious 54s | Transcript
Keeners Get Water Baptized 54s | Transcript
Keeners Adopt Children 43s | Transcript
Keeners Serve Joyfully 55s | Transcript
Keeners Make Good Choices 50s | Transcript
Keeners Don't Steal or Lie 54s | Transcript
Keeners and Atheists 55s | Transcript
Keeners Know Who Forgives 48s | Transcript
Keeners or Atheists 7m25s | Transcript
Fred's Testimony 2012 1h2m5s
Keener, CINO, or Atheist? 18m2s | Transcript
Are You Afraid to Die? 28m57s | Transcript
Who Happened to Fred '23 27m58s | Transcript
Who Happened to Fred Mobile friendly version

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